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Telecommunications are a central component of digital transformation. Industry, logistics, healthcare, service industry, and all economic sectors are equally affected by digitization. 

Data capacities are skyrocketing, networks are becoming more complex and flexible – overall, the demands on the network operations of telecommunications providers are increasing.
Providers are upgrading their networks and investing in new technologies.
To meet these demands, we provide our customers with tailored consulting solutions, always within the context of in-depth consultation and seamless implementation. 

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Connected Car

Connected Car is the future of networked vehicles and the key concept for the mobility of tomorrow. This initiates the evolution in the automotive industry from pure telematics solutions to versatile and personalized connectivity solutions. Secure and fast communication between vehicle and infrastructure is essential for autonomous driving.

Connected cars are vehicles that are equipped with internet or WiFi access. However, a modern, networked car is not just a "vehicle with internet connection". Rather it’s a separate network, capable of collecting and processing information from its own environment and from other connected vehicles.


Level 1


Driver can retrieve basic driving behavior information and check the technical status of the car.

Level 2


Driver has a personal profile to access digital services and platforms such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Level 3


All occupants of the car have access to their personalized accounts (infotainment, advertising, etc.)

Level 4

Live dialogue

All occupants can interact with the car in real-time and receive active recommendations for tailored offers.

Level 5

Virtual Chauffeur

Artificial Intelligence (AI) anticipates the desires of the occupants and carries out complex, non-pre-programmed tasks.


Application areas

Car2X communication

Vehicles communicate via the mobile network with the internet to retrieve information or upload self-collected data to a cloud for sharing.

Car2Car communication

Cars communicate with each other without driver intervention, exchanging information about speed, position, direction, and more.

Car2I (Infrastructure) communication

Vehicles communicate with the surrounding infrastructure, such as traffic lights, parking lots, traffic monitoring stations, tunnel surveillance cameras, and more.

Car2SmartHome communication

Manage various tasks from the vehicle for the home, such as updating a to-do list. Comfortably from the vehicle.

Autonomous driving

The driverless car that automatically scans its surroundings and navigates without any external intervention.

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