Planning & Consulting

We take care of all required planning activities for mobile networks.

With our project management, we coordinate your projects from the proposal and approval phase to network rollout or swap-out.

Commissioning & Consulting

We ensure the seamless transition from planning to ongoing operations.

Our services are always flexibly tailored to customer needs and can be provided on-site or remotely from the back office.

With our project management, we ensure smooth integration of all network elements, documentation content, acceptances and quality assurances.

Operation & Maintenance

24/7 service: We monitor and support ongoing operations throughout the entire period with our services.

Test management & Test execution

We support you with our extensive experience in designing and optimizing test specifications, test activities, and automated test processes.

Experts on-demand

Staff leasing

Staff leasing As part of staff leasing, we provide you with qualified personnel for the long term or temporary for projects with our partner, expond GmbH.

Expert placement

As part of expert recruitment, we search for new employees for your company for direct hiring.