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5G campus networks

Network solutions for demanding Industry 4.0 and IoT infrastructures


Revolution of network technology already underway

Connected mobility and the path to Industry 4.0 require new mobility concepts, technologies and business models. In addition, the flexibility of networks is increasing, and with it their complexity. This is a challenge that network operators want to master with the help of 5G.


Mobile network for mobile data communication between terminals and devices


Advancement of 4G as a solution for increasing data capacities, connected mobility and Industry 4.0

Iconec provides with:

Your path to Digital Transformation

Do you understand the importance of networking and digitization for the future of your company? We support you with 5G integration and our tailored technology solutions.

5G campus networks

In many industries, wireless, highly reliable connections are becoming indispensable. Especially in system-critical infrastructures like the eHealth sector or Industry 4.0, companies today rely on powerful and stable mobile networks.

Background: Due to their susceptibility to interference and insecurity, WLAN networks are insufficient for numerous applications.

The iconec campus networks

Transition to 5G

With the iconec 5G campus networks, you'll receive solutions tailored to your needs, which we develop together. Always with the goal to connect your company to the extent that it is prepared for the technological challenges of tomorrow.

5G campus network lab

In iconec's in-house 5G lab, various hardware and software components are regularly tested for compatibility and performance. In our lab, we ensure the product quality of current technologies and design individualized network solutions for our customers.

A 5G campus network, just for you

Companies and their network requirements can vary greatly. Whether it's production, logistics, an open space office, or the networking of multiple corporate locations – iconec's private 5G campus network solutions are always developed in collaboration with our customers.