We carry out the complete planning activities for the legacy and new mobile networks.

  • Location Planning
  • Network Planning
  • Radio Network Planning
  • Fixed Network Planning
  • End-to-End Project Management

With our End-to-End Project Management, we coordinate your projects from the offer and approval phase as well through the complete network rollout or swap out phase.

Integration and Support

We ensure a seamless transition from the planning phase to the operation phase.
Our services are always flexibly adapted to the specific customer requirements and can be delivered On Site or remotely from the Back Office.

  • Integration of all Network Elements
  • Stability Test, Connection Test, Functionality Test
  • Acceptance and Quality Assurance
  • Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting On Site or Remote
  • End-to-End Project Management

Our End-to-End Project Management ensures a smooth integration of all Network Elements, Documentation Contents, Audits and Quality Assurances.

Operation and Maintenance

With our services, all ongoing operation activities in the network are secure monitored and managed over the entire period – 24/7.

  • Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting On Site or Remote
  • Ticket Management
  • Remote Network Upgrades / Adjustments (Swap Out, Re-Homing)
  • Remote Network Changes (Configuration Management)
  • Quality Management and Process Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Coordination and Project Management

Test Management and Test Execution

With our long-standing experience, we support you in the Definition and Optimization of the Test Specifications, Test Activities and Automatic Test Procedures.

  • Planning Acceptance Tests, Function Tests and Feature Tests
  • Test Specification Development
  • Test Environment Setup and Integration
  • Operation and Maintenance of the Test Environment
  • International Test Execution on Site or Remotely
  • Automation and Optimization of Test Processes
  • Analysing and Tests Result Reporting
  • E2E Project Management (ISTQB certified)

Experts on Demand

Personnel leasing
We provide qualified workforces through our partner expond GmbH on a long-term basis or for support of a dedicated project.

  • Matching suitable applicant profiles to the specified job profile
  • Large network of applicants in the telecommunications sector
  • Duration of deployment can be specified by your company
  • Savings with regard to your personnel costs
  • Charging per productive hour or on the basis of a daily rateAbrechnung pro Produktivstunde bzw. Tagessatz

Expert recruiting
As part of the recruitment of experts, we are looking for new professional employees for your company for a direct employment.

    • Filling your vacancies with the best-suited applicants
    • Competent selection of applicant profiles
    • Recruiting costs will not be charged to your company
    • Costs are charged only for the successful recruitment