Connected Car

The connected car is the future of the modern cars and the key concept of the mobility of the future. It is pushing the evolution of pure telematics solutions in cars to versatile and personalised connectivity solutions. Secure and fast communication between the car and the infrastructure is an important prerequisite for autonomous driving.

Digitalisation and networking have already found their way into the modern car. The connected car is one of the key concepts when it comes to mobility of the future.

A connected car is a car that is equipped with an Internet or WLAN access. However, a modern connected car is not just a “car with an internet connection”. On the contrary, it has its own network that can collect and process information from its surroundings on its own and even from other connected cars.


The built-in sensors in the car measure and check the ongoing operation and constant analysing the surroundings.

The car is always connected to the Internet, providing additional databased services.

With the new connections, the cars of the future become a part of a large connected ecosystem.
The self-driving car, which automatically scans its surroundings and navigates without any additional help, combines all the advantages of the connected car.


Level 1 – Basic Connectivity:
The driver can retrieve basic information about the driving behaviour and review the technical status of the car.

Level 2 – Individual Connectivity:
The driver has a personal profile to manage digital services and platforms such as Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Level 3 – User Based Personalisation:
All the passengers in the car have access to their personalised accounts (Infotainment, Advertising etc.).

Level 4 – Live Dialog:
All the passengers can interact with the car in real time and receiving active recommendations on customized services.

Level 5 – Virtual Chauffeur:
KArtificial intelligence predicts the requests of the passengers and completes complex tasks that have not been pre-programmed.


Car2X – Communication
Cars communicate with the Internet using the mobile network to retrieve information or to upload the collected information to a cloud.

Car2Car – Communication
Cars communicate with each other without any influence enforced by the drivers; they exchange information about speed, position, direction etc.

Car2I – Infrastructure Communication
Cars communicate with the infrastructure surrounding them, for example with signals, parking spots, monitoring stations for traffic volume, tunnel security cameras etc.

Car2 – Smart Home Communication
Tick off everything on your to-do list for your house from the comfort of your car.

Autonomous Driving
The self-driving car automatically scans its surroundings and navigates without any additional help.