4G is the mobile network for mobile data communication between the end user devices.
5G is the next evolution of the mobile network to support the upcoming demands of more data capacity, connected mobility and migration towards Industry 4.0.
The new connected mobility and the path to the digital industrialization 4.0 are revolutionising the market with the new mobility concepts and business models.
With the increased complexity and flexibility of the 5G networks, the network operators are facing new challenges.

As a long-term and competent telecommunications service provider, iconec offers customised and cost-efficient consultancy and services. Our extensive knowledge provides the appropriate solutions for network planning, network engineering, network integration and for the day-to-day network operation management.

All upcoming challenges in your network manage successfully with the support of our innovative engineering services.

Whatever you plan, you can always count on iconec!

Our technology focuses: 5G Technology, WiFi 6.0

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The vision of the automobile industry is to connect every road user like cars, motorbikes, trucks, bicycles and even pedestrians. The car will change into a mobile living space. Active drivers will become passive passengers who want to do everything for their life from the car. A reliable and secure network infrastructure is therefore crucial for the connected car of the future.

The performance and security of the new mobile services must be intensive validated before the first market launch. This is one of the biggest challenges facing the automotive industry.

iconec provides tailored consulting and testing services to ensure the performance and reliability of all mobile services.

Our technology focus: Connected Car



In the transition to Industry 4.0, digitalisation plays a key role in increasing the productivity and efficiency. Private 5G / Wi-Fi 6 campus networks are the ideal solution for the reliable mobile communication in the smart factory and best suitable for the complex logistical management of the Industry 4.0 solution.

Digitalisation influences the competitive status of the enterprises and fundamentally changes the company’s success prospects in the market. Therefore, it is important for companies to be well prepared to be able to meet the challenges of digitalisation.

iconec with its wide range of consulting expertise and customer-specific engineering services supports the enterprises to successful master these new challenges.

Our technology focus: Enterprise Campus Network

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