"As a trainee at iconec, I have the opportunity to schedule my tasks flexibly and to complete them on my own responsibility. My area of responsibility is very wide-ranging and exciting, because we are active in a forward-looking industry. Thanks to our very familiar working atmosphere, I settled in very easily. The colleagues as well as the management are always accessible and supportive."

– Alina, Trainee


"What I really like about working at iconec is the dynamic work environment, the varied nature of tasks assigned, and the warm interaction between employees. The opportunity of working with customers and colleagues from different cultures is very attractive. Flat hierarchies within the company promotes the pleasant collaboration with others."

– Björn, IT Administrator


"Working at iconec in an international team is strongly shaped by a great team spirit, an open work environment and friendly cooperation. Every big challenge in a project is always solved collectively in the team, in a constructive and cooperative manner. I find the variety of tasks in the projects combined with the direct customer contact very attractive."

– Tania, Change Manager


"My work at iconec is very diverse and I have the opportunity to continue my professional development. The high degree of independent work in the project activities is very attractive to me. I always enjoy the close cooperation and the team spirit in the various projects."

– Cristian, Telecommunications Engineer